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I didn't think I'd be the kind of guy to just bounce around to where the party was, but here I am! You'd think I'd get tired or bored after awhile, but maybe I'm just the one that loves the thrill of it. Have a couple of drinks, hanging out in a warehouse with some of the college guys across the city, it's all the type of scene that I'm into.

Hanako and I used to be King and Queen of the scene. We had it all. She had looks that killed and I had the popularity pass to get us through any red velvet rope that came at us. We were the highlight of every party that hit anywhere in Tokyo. If she wants to settle down and push me away now, she doesn't know what she's missing.

Who is that chick kidding? She's not the type to settle down and leave all this behind. Yeah, and who's he kidding too? I should have taken her out more, you know? Given that girl more of what she wanted and kept her away from that college. She's too good for college; she doesn't even need it. Hanako's way too damn smart to be wasting her time hanging around more classrooms and spending the same night in some other guy's bed.

She knows I'm still into her and she's got a place on the underground scene with me. I figure it? Eventually she'll figure out she needs me as much as I need her and we'll be back taking charge just like before. Until then, I'll bide my time and make some friends.

I think for awhile, I'll keep things under the radar until I can make sure Matt won't blow off. A couple of the babes I've been hanging out with at night aren't exactly his style, if you know what I mean. Kind of 'rich blood', if you get my drift. I need something to keep me going until Hanako decides to clear her head out of whatever it is she's into.

Who knows? This is my third love hotel this week! Not a bad track record to tide me over! I guess keyboardists really are the groupie magnet.


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